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Don't You Let Me Go

About Us

Jacky Herrera, originally from El Paso, TX, began singing since childhood and writing since she was 15.
From rodeos, musical theaters to smaller stages in LA, she begins her professional career as one half of PBJ.
Inspired by music in English and Spanish, her love for both gives a unique perspective for music in the future.

Born in Dallas, TX. Paris Peter Songvilay started singing and writing at the age of 16.
Inspired by the late 90's pop boom, he quickly realized he had a knack for writing catchy tunes and patterned his sound after the Backstreet Boys.

The coming together of Pete and Jacky is a fun, unique futuristic approach to the pop duo arena.
The PBJ sound brings a mix of old and new, but most importantly, something fresh for music lovers of all generations.

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